How To Get The Vortex Mod Menu Easy (PS3) Backup

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Please watch: “How To Get Mod Menu Any Game Any Console| No Jailbreak | No JTag | Bo2, Gta5, B03 | 2017 – 2018 |” –~–
Download Link:
Backup Patch(No Jailbreak Needed) – BLUS :
Backup Patch(No Jailbreak Needed) – BLES :
Patch(Jailbreak Need):


Mw2 [.CFG] menu


(No Jailbreak Needed)
This menu is 18×18 with all the latest mods like
free view control, far aimassist, and a brand new
keyboard menu that is located out of a game.
In it, it has RTM options, Infections and allows
you to send text in a pre-game lobby. Not only this menu
is compact with all these cool codes, its very stable
host and non host, even on a 2 bar ping. All n’ all
this patch is my best yet.

Don’t know how to install a back-up patch on a PS3?
Watch this tutioral:…

Additional credit:
Keyboard Menu by MayhemModding
Hip-fire remastered by MayhemModding
Far aimassist code by LoveModz-

Special thanks to mrandall229, DisturbedModdz,
EfficientModding, and CarnifexMods1337 for testing the menu.

Qualities of the menu:
– new far aimassist
– new keyboard menu
– new Free view control
– Nice Design
– Very Stable(non host)
Music Information:
Song 1: Jim Yosef – Lights [NCS Release]
Song 1: Tobu – Sound of Goodbye [NCS Release]
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