How to get the old YouTube layout back (2018)

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Restore the Classic YouTube layout is not available anymore in 2018 so how to get the old YouTube layout back?

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  1. Thanks! This helped a lot. I really dislike the new layout and the last version was a little better. Everything in the new one seems way too big.

  2. It worked!! Ty! though it goes back to the new ugly design again and needs to be changed any two minutes… if it keeps changing when your on your own channel, just click on customize channel, the bluish button. It should work out. Any idea how to change it when Im not signed in? This new layout is beyond bad. nothing is easy to find, everything is messy, I hate the way my channel looks like its too big, it wont show when an user does any new activity, you cant get to a playlist without actually play it first and it feels like an app when it should feel like a desktop. Why they have keep changing it all the time? other social media sites dont do that so often!

  3. I leave this method in the channel for those who needs, it works well at
    home on Firefox and is apparently definitive without having to use
    addons etc and of course you have to keep your cookie youtube otherwise
    it will redo the manipulation.

    You can use this code to do this quickly; paste and run in your console
    and reload the page.

    document.cookie = document.cookie.split('

    to use in the console: tools / web development / slate javascript
    original link of the info

  4. If it doesn't work, then try this:

    If you're using Chrome, firefox, opera.

    First, go to YouTube or be sure you're on an active YouTube tab.

    Go into Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I). You may have to resize this window, but make sure you are on the "Application" tab at the top.

    Inside this Developer Tools window, navigate to where it says "Cookies" on the left-hand pane. You should see an element there for Click on it.

    Within the table that displays, under the column named "Name", find the row that has the name "PREF", and then paste this value in:

    You may need to click the tiny refresh button in the Developer Tools window.

    Reload the YouTube page, and it should be back to normal.

  5. Got a fix for the new tab problem:
    1.After going to the new tab, go the Creator Studio & Home again, bringing you to Classic view.
    2. Access History. The video should be first on the list. Go there & it'll be in Classic view.

  6. it doesn't work. As LD said below if you stay in the same area like your channel or Creator Studio, video page etc. it's fine but eventually from moving around YouTube it reverts back to the new layout. Face it. We're screwed.

  7. It only works for as long as you stay in the same tab and on the same account. Whenever I try to open something in a new tab or switch to one of my alts, it goes back to the shitty new design. Thanks for trying, though.

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