How to fix sticking spacebar on macbook 2016

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Fixing of butterfly button.
Notice: It will annul warranty for spacebar


  1. This is not a solution. Considering the price this is an insult… Apple needs to recall all these pieces of shit. I went trough two 2017 models(Fn Keys, No Touch Bar) and they both had a static popping sound coming from inside the laptop every hour or so. So many problems. And two in a row with the same issue? I'm glad I caught them both in time to get a refund. Apple is starting to earn the Crapple name.

  2. After trying less radical solutions this video is what worked for me. The spacebar works better now than it did when the computer was new (and I'm typing this post using it.)

    The video does leave the spacebar working, but it's loose and able to fall out if the computer is inverted. Here's how I fixed the loose spacebar:

    First carry out the instructions in the video. Then cut a piece of Scotch tape a little shorter than the length of the spacebar. Place it on the upper surface of the space bar also overlapping the surface between the touchpad and the spacebar. Press it down to adhere securely to both surfaces. It now forms a flexible hinge at the bottom of the spacebar, holding it in place and keeping it horizontal.

    Also here are some tips on carrying out the instructions in the video:

    1) Be very careful in removing the spacebar or it will break. Pry it from the centre of the top. Here is a video on how to do that

    2) It's VERY easy to break off the the tiny plastic pins while snapping the lower hinge back into place (after you've cut it). To prevent the pins from breaking carefully align each pin with its slot and press down firmly RIGHT ON TOP of each pin with a small flat bladed screwdriver and you should hear it snap into place.

  3. This worked for me….I actually ended up having to completely take the white part out… Thank you! I haven't seen any that aren't out of stock online, and the only place the button doesn't react now is in the very far right side of the space bar. What a great fix for a non-tech savvy person (me) thank you!!!

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