How to Fix Mac White Screen

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hey guys this is Rex here with Apple toolbox and I’m sure I’m not the first
mac user to see this screen you know you wake up get a fresh cup of coffee
you’re ready to get to work and then you’re stuck here it’s frustrating i
know but let’s walk through a few things you can do to get up and running again
if you boot it up your mac and getting stuck here after you’ve heard the chime
keep your fingers crossed that it’s just a simple software hiccup that can be
fixed easily if you’ve got a problem with your hardware the fix is probably
going to be a bit more extensive so the first thing you should do is try to boot
up in safe mode
Mac os10 10.2 and later allow you to boot up in safe mode which will
automatically check your disk and repair any issues to do this shutdown your mac
and power it back up while holding the shift key
you can let go with the shift key after you see the apple logo
keep in mind that safe boot will take a little bit longer than normal but once
your Mac fully starts up in safe mode
go ahead and restart it normally if moving up in safe mode didn’t solve any
problems you can try to pinpoint the issue by running disk utility
to do this hold down the command and our keys while powering up your Mac a Mac
os10 utilities window should show up from here you can go ahead and select
disk utility
next click your OS 10 hard drive and then select first aid
once you run this process disk utility will go through and verify then repair
your disk
another thing you may try as resetting the pier am or parameter random access
memory which stores some of your system settings to do this
hold down the option command P and our keys at the same time while booting up
your mac
once you hear the startup chime you can go ahead and let go
your Mac will then reset the pier am and then it will restart completely in most
cases one of the steps I’ve covered so far we’ll fix your issue if they haven’t
you can always reinstall OS 10
now you can reinstall from the mac OS 10 utilities window that we saw earlier
so again to get there you’re going to hold down command and our while booting
up your mag and instead of selecting this utility this time you’re going to
select the reinstall OS 10 option
now we’ll ask you a couple of questions to make sure that’s what you want to do
but once you go through this process OS 10 will be completely reinstall on your
mac and this should fix any issues that you had
now once again if you do have a hardware issue that none of these software tips
are going to help
you’re probably going to have to set up an appointment at an apple store and see
if they can help you out
and there’s always a chance you may just have to buy a new mac computer anyways i
hope that at least one of these tips help you guys get your mac up and
running again
let us know in the comments if you liked this video content and we will certainly
do more
also check out the article we published over at Apple to will put a link
in the description it has a couple of other more in-depth ways that you can
possibly fix your mac if you’re stuck on a white screen
well that’s going to do it for this video guys I appreciate you watching and
I will see you next time later


  1. I tried safe mode but same…the grey loading thing goes till the end and is stuck there. Home screen doesnt show up. Tried PRAM thing same result. For disk utility…i cant select first aid for my HD. Please help. What do I do?

  2. Hi thanks for your video.. but for me after apple logo loading it get white screen and stuck init.. pls help me what i want to do know ? And how much time it takes to get into safe mode ?

  3. i have the same problem on my screen i took it to a repair store he said it started up fine normal nothing is wrong with it now I'm stuck with this question mark i tried youre video still with the same problem. what should i do next..

  4. My dad just updated his MacBook Pro to the latest version of High Sierra yesterday, and now I believe he ended up getting this white screen of death again . I believe this is the 3rd time that my dad's MacBook Pro ended up with the white screen of death. Now he's going to have to borrow my MacBook Pro for now until I or anyone here can be able to help my dad fix this problem, or he's going to have to call the Apple repair company yet again.

  5. I cannot get into Safe Mode, I press and hold shift key after hearing the Apple chime but nothing happened, not sure if that is because my keyboard is wireless.

  6. I need help, my MBP 2012 el capitan got some upgrade of high sierra. Before its finish to instal. The screen was totaly in white. Every shortcut i did is not work. Disk utility cant be access. Only cmd+opt that can i did. But the MBP only show macos intaler volume. My macintosh HD volume dan my recovery, also usb elcapitan instaler gone. I was doing smc and NVRam but still stuck in white screen after the apple and loading bar appear in half process. I try to saw cmd+s / v and there is show that i booted from macos instaler not macintosh HD. It said non journal hfs, os base system appear tobe ok. Is it the GPU broken or logic boar or Ram ? And suddenly my DVD rom cannot be used too.

  7. Thanks for this video. I finally got passed the white screen and am now verifying my volume. It's gonna take over an hour to finish this verification step. I've verified and repaired the disk. It said "The volume was repaired successfully. Then it says "Updating boot support partitions for the volume is required." Don't know what this is. Gotta research it. Will post more after this is complete. By the way, loved the relaxed voice and clarity of these instructions. THANKS BIG TIME!

  8. was geetting white screen after i logged on. it always statyed on the white screen and had no respone. i ran it in safe mode like you said, and BAAM it fixed it. thank you!!

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