How To Create a Bootable MAC OSX – USB Stick IN WINDOWS !

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Updates : for those who complains torrent link not working please read this
All i can say is google extratorrents proxy or let me make it easy for you go here :
select proxy1 , a torrent site will open up there search mac os snow leopard iso or any version .iso , make sure it has good seeds and peers and download it , Done !!! i cannot post the direct link to that file because its illegal
i hope this helps you 🙂

Download link to the software :

direct link :

direct download link :
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mac os iso link :…

how to install poweriso cracked :
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  1. my flash cant boot my pc after selecting it
    it just turns back to boot back to window nd when i let it continue to see what z there in the flash drive it then asks me about formatting.
    is there any way i can fix that.

  2. I did it exactly how you describe it in the video but when I try to boot up the macbook I get a folder with a question mark on it, any help with that please?

  3. H
    I am Ami
    I am not able to install os el capitan which was already installed and working fine there.
    Unfortunately I have formatted unknowingly while using dual boot windows 7 and tried many times for the same but in vain.I have created boot able usb and install my times.
    I am not getting though by watching all your videos. Now what to do.
    When I try with usb and pressing the Option key It gives me grey dead end.
    And I try with R+cnd then spinning globe comes and asks the wifi password and its spins for long time but not through.Now what to do.
    *And I do not want to loose my windows os
    please guide me.

  4. Transmac will restore a disk image but the only way the usb or dvd or cd is going to be bootable is if the image you have to use for the restore is a bootable image….I think if you download an operating system for Mac you need to be sure that the description says it is a bootable image…otherwise it probably isn't.

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