How To Clone a MacBook Hard Drive

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I show you how to clone your current Mac hard drive to a new hard drive or solid state drive in this step by step tutorial.

I’m using a Plextor M6S as my replacement

Get the Plextor M6S from Amazon here:
Get the Plextor M6S NewEgg Here:


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  1. So I have a work computer and I'm leaving the job so I need to get all my files off my work computer to an external hard drive.. will this do that with every single file, picture and document intact? And I want to leave the hard drive on the computer as is and not erase it because there's things on there the office needs too.. thanks

  2. I bought the Crucial MX300 2.5 inch SSD. Watching your videos has been a super duper big help. Only problem is I can't find an enclosure online that will fit. can you point me in the right direction?

  3. What a breath of fresh air to hear clear diction and someone that gets straight to the point rather than waffling about their boring upgrades and purchases or breathing heavily into a badly placed microphone like some kind of eejit.

  4. I like your video, you said watch the next link for the install of the clone but there is no link. Im cloning now when i install it I shouldnt have any problems should boot right up ?

  5. first of all AWESOME video. best hard drive cloning video by far!!!!
    i noticed you said it warns you about erasing your old drive. but does it erase it?
    im trying to make two hard drives with the same info on both for a backup hd

  6. Question; what if i want to to the opposite of this. my 2008 macbook pro is dead. externally the computer was damaged, but the hard drive is find. could i use that same tool to retrieve what is on the old hard drive when i get my new macbook?

  7. Hi Aaron, great video. Do you know if the Mac's Recovery Partition (which is hidden) is also copied over to the new drive? The Recovery Partition is very useful for re-installing Mac OSX and it would be a shame if it was not included. Thanks!

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