How To Backup iPhone | Backup iPhone Fast & Easy

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How To Backup iPhone | Backup iPhone Fast & Easy
Hey Guys,
This guide will show you how to back up iPhone all Data so that you have them ready for a new iPhone or to keep them safe in case you break or lose your data. Backing up iPhone or iPad is important. In this video I discuss how to back up your iPhone. iCloud and what works best for me.This is a video tutorial on how to backup your iPhone easy.In this video I show you have to use your computer to back up and restore your apple devices using iCloud, WiFi is necessary . Music is not transferable unless you bought from itunes but you can manually transfer if you back up on the computer 1st. Photo are backed up on the iPhoto cloud in-which you get 5gb free then you can pay .99 cents per 20 GB. If you use a PC you can drag and drop you photo in and out from the my computer directory.Everyone who owns a mobile device should back up their data. Period. With iOS, you have two simple options: use iCloud or use iTunes. Jill Duffy explains how to back up using iCloud.

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