How to backup and import iPhone notes

Video is ready, Click Here to View × Backup iPhone notes to your computer in two clicks using CopyTrans Contacts. This tool will allow you to transfer notes between your iPhone and your PC. You can also import notes to your iPhone and it works with all other iOS devices such as iPad, iPad mini, and iPod Touch…


  1. Tried this and I accidentally deleted all my notes off the program and it deleted them off my iPod as well because my iPod was connected to my pc and the program. 🙁 Is there any way to get them back?

  2. Hi. No, I don't have either – my notes are only on my iPhone. I'm also having trouble updating my CopyTrans software to the latest version – when I click run, I just get the CopyTrans menu and nothing happens. I'll contact you directly shortly. Thanks.

  3. Hello Steve, is it possible that your notes are synced to a cloud account (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo)? If so, you need to connect the cloud account with CopyTrans Contacts in order for the program to detect these notes. If you need help, please contact me directly at our support email at: copytrans[at]copytarns[dot]net.

  4. I purchased CopyTrans a few weeks ago. It backed up my iPhone notes perfectly the first time I tried but when trying tonight it's not detecting any of the notes I've written since the first back up. Can anyone tell me why it's doing this and how to fix it please? Thanks.

  5. Hi gesym4, you don't need to connect CopyTrans Contacts to a cloud account provided that you have your notes saved locally to your iDevice. If you don't have any local notes and all of them are synced to a cloud account, you would indeed have to connect the account to the program. If you need further assistance, please contact me at this email address: copytrans[at]copytrans[dot]net


  6. Hi kman915, thank you for your comment. Could you please contact our Support Team directly at copytrans[at]copytrans[dot]net? I will then be able to quickly help you out.

    Kind regards,
    The CopyTrans Team

  7. Isabienne, thank you for your reply. Please note that if you are using the trial version of CopyTrans Contacts, an internet connection is required in order to allow for the Facebook and Twitter share features to function correctly. However, please note that CopyTrans Contacts does no longer require an active Internet connection otherwise. What I would advise you is to contact me directly at the Support email address I offered below. I will help you sort any further questions you might have.

  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry to be so anal, but why DOES it need internet access when it is simply transferring data from phone to PC? Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Isabienne, thank you for your comment. Note that CopyTrans Contacts does not collect or transfer any personal information although the program needs access to the internet to be run. Please do not hesitate to contact me personally at copytrans[at]copytrans[dot]net if you have additional queries or need assistance.

  10. Hiya, I am thinking about buying CopyTrans, but I wonder why the program needs internet access while I'm transferring personal information to my computer. Any ideas?

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