How to Back Up a BitPay Bitcoin Wallet and Restore a Wallet from a Backup Phrase

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Wondering how to ensure you don’t lose your bitcoin? This video gives you the answers you need to start.
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  2. I don't get anything like this on backup page. It just says "Got It" then "I understand" then it's telling me to type a passphrase to remember not giving me any sort of long phrase at all. Something looks totally different on my screen.

  3. how do i reset my bitpay password it does not have a login page it just directs me to the app when opened i have deposited 20usd in my account so i do not want to uninstall cannot get help from tech

  4. I have asked support multiple times to help me restore my wallet on That was on my old iPhone are used all back up phrases sent multiple emails all I get is candid responses there is no personal number or call center number for Bitpay other than the credit card side of things do not recommend Bitpay to anyone else if anyone knows how to back up a Wallet from an old device to a new device please let me know

  5. Hi is there any way we can retrieve our coins from the block chain without the bitpay wallet? Or we need the wallet because it is multisig and you guys hold the other key?

  6. What happens if you lose a device with a Bitpay wallet? How do you restore from scratch? Do you install the app on a new device and import a wallet using the words?

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