How to airplay from any iDevice to Apple TV: Trouble Shooting

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In this video I show you how to connect to your apple tv via mac, iphone, ipad, or ipod. In order to even see a ariplay icon you will need to be in range of a apple tv. If you are not, the icon will not appear. Once you are in range of the apple tv, select the airplay icon. On iphone, ipad ,and ipod, you will need to dounle click the home button and slide to the right twice. There you will see a square with a triangle in it. That’s your airplay button. On your mac, (the mac must be 2011 or newer) you will click the same icon in the upper right hand tool bar. Your apple tv and your idevice MUST be on the same wireless network to work. If all else fails. Reset, or unplug, all your idevices.
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  1. the fucking icon isnt even there even though my mac is the latest version and my apple tv is the latest version my apple tv is 2nd gen and my mac is the iMac late 2012 the slim one even thought my computer is like 2 meters away from the apple tv the icon sint even there 🙁

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