How Do the Red, Yellow, and Green Buttons Work? (On My Mac)

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If you’re a brand new Mac owner, you may have wondered what the little red, yellow, and green buttons do. We’ll explain it in this short tutorial. This video is a segment from my much larger class called “New to Mac” which I designed for anyone who either just needs someone to go over the basics, folks who feel like they could use a little “refresher” course, etc. if you’d like to check out that class, here’s the direct link:

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  1. Hi David, I recently too your advice when you put up on your youtube channel regarding a VPN. I followed the Instructions you gave me however, my fire wall on my Mac keeps disabling. Should I be worried about that, how do I fix it? thanks for making videos that truly helps us!
    Tech Talk America

  2. Hi David, Hi Marc…. thanks for another great class…very much enjoyed the VPN one, too… On a similar note – what do you guys think about encrypting the Dropbox – boxcryptor or something similar??? Going back to the red/green/yellow button: I love Moom… a little app that does a better job than those buttons by themselves… 🙂 Thank you again! Ingrid

  3. ESC always works. you just have to make sure that the window or app you wants to get out of full screen is the one active and not something else like the calendar or…u got the idea. Just by clicking in the window it would make I active then just hit ESC

  4. Dave does an excellent job with these tutorials, I have been a Mac user since 2012 and my advice to those that are new to MACs would be to put it back in the box that it came in, take it back to the store and go by a PC. There are just too many inconsistencies with the OS and it is only getting worse.

  5. David I love ALL of your videos. This is off topic, but what do YOU recommend for a temperature control app for the Mac? I think I could use a fan to keep my Mac cool, curious if you have a preference?

  6. Thank you for the video David. I have a question. Is it possible to maximize your windows and keep your dock visible, like it was in Mavericks? This is a new feature in Sierra that I don't like

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