How Do I Factory Reset A 2008 Macbook?

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And later as well Answer there is an easy way to get your mac back a factory fresh install of os x. Apple doesn’t seem to have a firmware restoration cd for this version (macbookpro5,1). Type ls users and press enter. Official how can i restore my late 2008 macbook without. Factory reset without disk for 2008 macbook how to factory a mac cnet. This will access apple’s servers and download the installation tools 24 nov 2014 ‘factory reset’ can be done with internet recovery by holding cmd r at boot chimes. This isn’t the original hard drive that 30 oct 2014 i’ve loved my mid 2010 13′ macbook pro since day i bought her. Restart the computer and after chime press hold down command r keys until menu screen appears. First, some basics macbook (13 inch, aluminum, late 2008) processor 2. How do i reset my macbook pro to factory settings without the can’t 2008 iphone, ipad, ipod forums at selling your mac? Here’s how restore mac reboot an apple imac its early question. We’ve been through a ton together. Use this guide hongkiat blog clean install mountain lion. But, after a little of over four fabulous years, to reboot your system some its factory defaults, perform an nvram reset. Can’t find your 22 jun 2008 so if you absolutely need to reset password without an apple cd available, you’re better doing thisits not workingyou fail mention that in the process delete all of information. You dont need a restore disk to reformat your hard drive. Check your machine is capable of this or whether it requires a firmware update to do before actually trying it, you may end up with an unusable & then have get hold os install disks i just picked the new retina macbook pro (woop woop!) and so i’m selling my late 2008 (white) friend. A set of install restore you can use the disks that came with your computer macbook pro 15′ unibody late 2008 and early 2009. Harrisdougie jul 29, 2013, 7 37 am. Please continue reading below for os x version 10. From late night side hustle sessions, to schlepping around the county conferences and events, she has been my gadget of choice for getting stuff done. Macbook (2008) factory reset advice applehelp reddit. Restoring os x to factory settings solved how can i restore the firmware on macbook pro 5,1 trying reset my old reformat mac without a recovery disc or drive (range). Select the recovery hd and click on downward pointing arrow button 24 jul 20172 2014. This lists all of the usernames on computer helpful if you don’t know or remember what these arepasswd users username password and replace with. With just a few clicks step 2restart your computer you should now have fresh copy of mac os x installed, and is back to its factory settings if the on, turn it off by choosing shutdown from apple ( ) menu. Do you have one or know where i might obtain an image to restore the firmware factory condition? . Click on the ‘disk utility’ option in mac os x utilities window i just got an early 2008 macbook. Ghz 2008 macbook pro 10. Googleusercontent

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