Homebrew Nintendo Switch Checkpoint BACKUP AND RESTORE SAVE FILES (5.0.2, 4.1.0, X.X.X)

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This is a demonstration of a feature we should have had from the first day the Nintendo Switch was released.

Thanks to Homebrew we have Emulators/Virtual Console, custom apps and SAVE BACKUP AND RESTORE.


Checkpoint works on all software versions.

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Have fun and all the best.

Live stream Layers of Fear tonight on the Nintendo Switch, third party dock and portable projector.


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  1. Out of curiosity is there a permenant CFW coming out soon? Ive heard something about it but I've not been keeping up with the switch scene.

  2. It’s not really nice watching the switch getting ripped to shreds by hackers tbh,
    Love my switch I don’t think I will hack it BUT I may purchase another one to do do

  3. Hey great video! I really love the info youve been giving on the homebrew scene.

    I was wondering one thing though, since botw wiiu and switch use the same format on saves do you think its possible to transfer a wiiu save to switch with this?

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