High Sierra: Everything You Need to Know

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  1. hey I have MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar 8 GB RAM and I installed Mac OS high Sierra and I am really angry because I can't editing my photos because photos app closes every time when I want use it 😡

  2. DONT update to high sierra YET.
    MANY MANY apps dont work. so i reccomend you do a timemachine backup BEFORE you want to update to high sierra.
    i did, and after 24 hours i went back to Sierra as i hated High sierras bs.

  3. I dnlded this and now all my Adobe Illustrator files I create and save go straight to trash and I cannot stop it or retrieve them. WTH do I do? Help please.

  4. I upgraded on my 2012 Mac Mini and 2013 Macbook Air. The MacBook completed without problems as usual. But the Mac Mini seemed to have deleted the dock and taskbar and would not recognize the correct screen resolution. Finally I discovered it was the monitor image control custom scaling overscan must be set to "off" in order to see the correct screen resolution. Your review is good and comprehensive!

  5. Hey, ive just updated my late 2015 retina 5k imac I have it loaded up with 32ram gbs and lots of storage. It's frozen in the middle says( Intsallation is in progress, calculating time remaining… )for the past few hours. Have you gotten the same problems and what do you think I should do?

  6. i saw your After Effects tutorial video just before this.What the faak.Did Puberty hit you like a train?
    Please have a check on my channel.I too make animations and i use a mac.Dont underrate me cuz i have less subs.
    i wish to collab with you one day if you ever read this comment

  7. dude u said only the 2016 and newer mac models take advantage of the H.265 format…. is this true with the new APFS filesystem too or will my late 2015 MacBook Pro feel faster like people are hoping??

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