FIX “iCloud Backup Full” | Tech Trouble

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Many of us have dreaded the day we see that annoying “iCloud backup is full” message pop up telling us to buy more backup storage or to delete content. There may be a few tips to help you and you just might not have to delete or buy anything!

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  1. What happens to ones phtos taken when phone did not have icloud backup enabled, and iphone was running low on storage? Are photos automatically deleted?

  2. What happens if I press 'Delete Backup' on This iPhone that I am currently using at the moment? For example, I'm not planning to get a new Apple device anywhere near the future and I want to get more space in iCloud without buying it, so if I delete the backup on my iPhone will that be okay as well?

  3. Can you plz let me know how to fix problem while back up i clouds in my iPhone 7plus ? Every time I am trying to backup it will take long time even full night but not complete? What is the issue?

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