Fastest way to restore a jailbroken iPhone/iPod + Jailbreak (Video tutorial)

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This tutorial will teach you how to back up your Cydia apps, restore your iPhone, rejailbreak using Black Ra1n RC3, and restore your Cydia apps.

To skip the backup & jailbreak with Blackra1n RC3, click this time [3:34]

App Sync for OS 3.1 (or 3.0, depending on your iDevice)


  1. hi! can you please answer me this!
    I have one unlocked iphone3gs (by jailbreak), I just wanted to reset it, but it got problem, and required me to restore the phone
    if I restore, the phone will be locked again right?
    how could i restore, and avoid being locked
    Thank you so much

  2. I haven't upgraded to iOS 6 yet but most likely. Aptbackup saves everything installed from Cydia so you'll be able to get back all mods. Just make sure Aptbackup works with iOS 6. It should say on the Cydia page.

  3. will the network settings be the same when you restore it? i'm from the philippines. and the iphone i'm using is not factory unlocked. so, if i restore it, will my sim be invalid? or would it be okay?

  4. @metaldra900n Correct. Any time you restore your jailbroken iDevice (for whatever reason), you have to re-jailbreak it because iTunes only puts a fresh OS on your device, no jailbreak.

  5. hey i have 3 jailbroke ipods is there anyway to save my cydia apps from 1 and put the apps from cydia on the others without manually downloading 1 by 1?

  6. @JohnWall48 Yes, John. Google "iphone firmware" and click on the top one that says felixbruns. Pick the firmware you want and when you're ready to restore. If you're on Mac (hold option) + click restore or Windows (hold either shift or alt) + click restore. I'll open to a window where you can select the firmware you want. Comment back if you have any further questions. Thanks, P99

  7. Is there anyway to not update software when you restore it.. Cause if I restore mine it would go to the newest software and There's no jailbreak out for it yet…

  8. @Forever1Kingpin not sure what's going on. I've never used green poison or even heard of it. Use iTunes to backup and restore your phone to stock. Then, follow along with this video from [3:38] it should help you get your phone working again. I've used blackra1n to fix a bricked phone before.

  9. I jailbreak my phone with green prisi0n n I try to reset but didn't pull it into the computer so now it wouldnt come on n all I c the apple sign then the green prisi0n sign it be like this for hours now. Help!

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