Expanding Storage (SD Memory) Hack via SD Card for Apple Macbook Pro

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I trim down an SD card for a MacBook Pro so that it can remain in the SD card slot “permanent”. I can then use it as “Secondary hard drive”.
This is a simple hack, and fun!

My Website: http://www.bucketofmass.com


  1. Thanks Daniel. It worked for me! I have a Lenovo Chromebook and I was frustrated that the memory card slot wasn't deep enough. Same problem you had. I cut it, as you suggested and yes, there was blank space. A little scotch tape over the end and viola! 64 GB of memory!

  2. and so how did you know there were no electronics beyond where you cut – you mention you'd tell how to check that at the point when you were "scoring" (marking with a pencil actually) it? …oh yeah, you guessed. Lucky guess, I understand those cost money.

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