Erratic Keyboard and Trackpad repair For Macbook Pro Retina early 2015

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Replaced cable for $8.99 using the following

COHK Touchpad Trackpad Cable Fit For Macbook Pro Retina MBR 13″ A1502 2015 Year P/N 821-00184-A

Also, a detailed repair video that I used to do the repair is found by clicking the following link:

I purchased the extractor from a local ace hardware. It comes with a drill bit and extractor. The link to the extractor I used is listed below:


  1. I have the same problem, they told me that my keyboard was the problem. And they told me that my keyboard neeed to be replace, i hope the problem if the rub cable, how can i know if my cable is the problem??

  2. Did the cable do the trick? Since you were already replacing this, I would have gone ahead and continued the video process during the replacement procedure. I know it is an easy fix, but it would be good to know what tools you need to do this replacement. I have the exact same laptop, and the issues you discussed have been persisting for over a year.

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