Disk Erase Failed with the error: Couldn’t unmount disk – FIX Mac

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  1. I need to install the OS in a pen drive, but I cant format as MAC OS extended (Journaled) it always appear the same message Disk Erase failed with the error: couldn't open your device. I tried some couple of videos but still not very helpful.

    Can some one help me?


  2. I attemepted to follow your previous video and get this error when I erase MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation. This is a brand new out of the package. any suggestions?

  3. Brand new hard drive. I started to initial install and didn't finish. when i came back it gave me arror-41 on my Mac. No yellow icon for hard drive on my desk top :(. please help anybody

  4. After following the instructions in your video, the error "unable to unmount disk" still popped up in a new window. However, you did such a fantastic job explaining the process I was able to learn more about the mac and troubleshoot. To fix the problem, I did everything you said except under partition I formatted it as freespace instead of Mac os extended (journaled). After I successfully applied these changes, I selected the mac os exteneded (journaled) option. It worked. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  5. One more note to anyone who watched this… At least for me… You have to do this on Disk Utility under RECOVERY HD. If you try to do this through your desktop it won't work. That's my situation idk about yours.

  6. This was weird as shit. I did EXACTLY the same thing twice. The first time it popped up an error message. The second time it didn't and did as it was supposed to. Idk why, but hey.. Who cares! It worked! Thanks man!

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