Dell laptop will not boot or restore

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my dell laptop will not restore or boot up or even boot with safe mode.. its currently running vista… i dont have a restore disc either.


  1. nice video but one of my friend help me in getting this fix, provided me with the number 1877-587-1877 where experts help me in finding the solutions they are highly professional and have great expertise.

  2. Lol windows creator destroyed my 2 computers with corrupted files. And forcing update, both computer just a year old. Both hard drive plus a mother board fried.

  3. Get your installation disk and insert it. Then you type "R" for repair and it will give you CMD. Then I think you type diskpart and wipe the whole 'hard drive'. Wipe all "partitioned" and "unpartitioned" space.If you don't have the installation disk, buy one. It's cheaper than buying a new PC. Then it'll run like new!

  4. I have the same computer as you, but difgerendifferent types, it's Dell and basically my problem is that it loads on and basically takes a while then goes to this black screen and says " No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine " and i keep doing that and it doesnt work, my problem was that the blue screen of death, and then the options and then this, im so confused so please anyone in the comments please help!

  5. it apears to me that it fails to load the windows start up files. use a windows disk and see if it will load files from disk and if it does use the windows disk to run the windows dianotic programs.

  6. if for some reasons you have a problem dont hesitate to look me up on Facebook and you can find my number and call me for assistance or you can bring or send it to me and i will fix the issues for practically a small charge amount, I install Zorin OS, or Windows XP Embedded POS 2009, Windows Vista's, Win7 Editions, Win8.1 and Windows 10 all comes with License and guarantee my work…

  7. its simple just reformat the hard drive but before you do go to bios settings its either F2 before the dell splash screen goes to your black screen issues go to boot order and change the CD or USB CD to first option and then 2nd option is your Hard drive and if it says floppy take it all the way down and using on certain models bios u/p button on keys or F5/F6 buttons on keys, also in hard drive option see if it shows your hard drive if it doesnt then that means you have to replace your hard drive, if it shows your hard drive then all you do is reformat the drive with a Vista or upgrade to Win7 installation disk Hirons boot disk comes with a built in Winxp live driver meaning you can boot it from the CD and then when Win XP mini mode is on and goes to your computer you are able to see if the hard drive is in your computer settings icons if it is remove what files you need onto a flash drive 4,8 or 16GB stick and copy your personal info like data pictures and also go to your hard drive C drive and go to a folder usually Dell and then Drivers and copy all your drivers for your machine and then remove the flash usb drive once its all completed and then restart your computer but make sure to remove hiron boot disc out b4 you do and use a friends Windows Vista or Windows 7 x32Bit and then restart the computer and go through the boot menu and reinstall or upgrade your operating
    Do note if you have a Windows Vista/Win7 Home Premium Disc you have an option that says to repair try that out first or go to Installation and then choose Upgrade and if it doesn't see your hard drive or get some unknown error then your hard drive is bad and need to be replaced and then start the installation process again, if it shows your hard drive then delete every partition on that hard drive and start new and it will Format the drive and then it will Install a Clean fresh copy of either WinVista or Win7 and then let it do it from there on its own, for the drivers its easy you can use the 4,8,16GB USB Flash drive stick and use the drivers for sound, modem, ethernet, graphics or video, for temporary or you can get the drivers on another computers from dell support site for no charge and download them and copy on a flash drive or burn them on a blank CD then then remove the Windows Installation disc when your on your Desktop Screen and then install your burned Cd and install your drivers and for your Inf files go to Intel website and get the latest for 945G Express Chipset for Vista or Win7…. the end

  8. I have dell laptop too. when I click to repair launch it goes to a Microsoft search , but the search never stops or does anything! is there something to get through this

  9. The Safe Mode with command prompt: that white writing with the System stuff- that's actual normal for Safe mode. I actually used it before. You just have to be patient/really patient before it loads to anything else. It is normal. And really patient is for the people's computers that run slowly.

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