Create Mac OS Sierra Flashdrive from Windows 10

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## Only for Hackintosh ##

How-To: create a macOS Sierra USB install drive , from Windows

Windows 10 Sierra Sierra Flashdrive Creator

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How to Create a Bootable Install USB Drive of macOS 10.12 Sierra

How To Generate MacOS Sierra Bootable USB Drive from Windows 10

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install mac os sierra on any supported intel pc

install Mac OS Sierra from Windows 10


  1. Hii. Actually my macbook air is erased everything now showing blinking folder. So now I’m using my computer which has windows 10. And I’m doing bootable on my usb for my macbook air. I want to install mac os sierra on my macbook back. So is this gonna work?

  2. Hi! Everything went fine but im stuck between googleing and reading with no profit. Everything works correctly except the graphics wich appear glitchy and choppy, tried a lot of solutions in the forums and stuff but it wont fix. Im using an Nvidia GTX 970 4Gb, and it seems that i'm not doing something right. Did somebody of you got this issue solved? Thanks in advance. Cheers!!!

  3. I am unsure if this is happening to anyone elses but from my personal experience, if you use windows 10 some times when starting with a usb or disc of a different windows version/mac version it will let you select that disc/usb, although some times it will go back and load windows 10 and forget you ever selected boot from usb/disc. I am unsure how to fix just letting some of you know it's a thing for me.

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