Create album art for Groove Music and Onedrive

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Groove Music is a fantastic app by Microsoft. With the downfall of Windows Phone I ended up doing a bit of research and switched my entire backup system to Microsoft’s Onedrive, which is included with the annual Office 365 fee. 1TB of storage plus being able to stream my own music from Onedrive, plus many other benefits was a good deal versus googledrive (which was having issues at the time).

Microsoft had just abandoned the idea of music streaming so this app was fairly new the way I have set it up, with next to zero help out there at the time.

I have noticed people are having trouble still, including with Groove on Android and IOS, so I have made this video to assist you. Instructions on how to use itunes, windows media player and groove music app is available elsewhere and not included here, this video shows you how to create album art, use it with Groove Music and Onedrive. Doing this the album art will always appear in your Groove Music app, no matter if it is Apple’s IOS, Android or Windows 10 on mobile using it.

Let me know if you want instructions on anything else and I will consider it.


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