Create a Bootable USB Sierra Installer in Mac OS X 10.12

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This video shows you how to create a bootable USB Flash Drive Mac OS X Installer. You will be able to boot most Macs from it and then install Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra without needing to re-download the installer for each Mac. You can also use it to format the internal drive of a Mac using the built in Disk Utility, this is also covered in the video.

You will need a 8GB or larger USB Flash Drive (aka USB key). Make sure it’s empty, because you’ll be deleting everything on it during the process of making the installer.

You will use a command in the Terminal. Make sure you type it correctly, or you will get an “unknown command” error. Here is the command for your reference:

sudo /Applications/Install macOS –volume /Volumes/SierraBootInstall –applicationpath /Applications/Install macOS –nointeraction &&say Done

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  1. Wow i'm not sure why is not username account is set to admin, i ran the script. and asked me for my computer password and it won't go any further. Rebooted the computer and start from scratch still fails.

  2. Help Please
    When I tried to select the the Option bottom to select The USB to star.
    Do not appear the apple, appears a symbol like a circle with a slash ,,,like saying wrong or incapable,,,,please what do i miss?????

  3. haven't tried this yet, but thank you! Relieved to know that this usb boot idea works with other versions of OS besides yosemite (as I doubt the app store would let you download anything other than the latest version)
    anyway, awesome, thank you

  4. Really helpful. I just have one issue, I tried to install Sierra on the new SSD drive using the USB flash it didn't work. it says your copy of Sierra install is damaged? any comments on how to fix this issue???

  5. What do you do when you click on the USB drive when starting the macbook up to reboot and it shows a circle with a line through it on the middle of the screen and then shuts off…?

  6. Thanks dude this was really helpful. Do you know how to erase the two Disk Images as well? I have the exact same two come up but it won't let me unmount them here or in Terminal. I'm a little new to this stuff so forgive my ignorance but if these are just recovery partitions can they not just be erased to free up a couple of extra GB?

  7. Great clarity, good pace, clear pics. Followed this but am getting locked password request after entering the script in Terminal. Updating admin password would not unlock password block. Is there an additional thing to do to enable sudo command and get by the password request?

  8. I followed all the steps described in the video. After entering the code in the terminal the process got stuck at the copying files to disk step. The usb flash is brand new.

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