Can you Edit Wedding Videos on a MacBook Pro?

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Camera –
Screen protector –
Wide lens –
55mm lens –
Telephoto lens –
SD card –
Camera microphone –
Camera battery charger –
Portable audio recorder –
Tripod –
Tripod Head –
Monopod –
Handheld gimbal –
Camera bag –
Drone –
Torch LED –
All of my gear –

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Wedding Film School is an online community of wedding filmmakers. Learn how to become a successful wedding filmmaker from the most inspirational filmmakers in the world. Kraig Adams is a full-time YouTube creator, travel filmmaker and minimalist living in Brooklyn, New York.

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  1. Yo Kraig! I got this monitor for my 2010 MacBook pro connected via thunderbolt to hdmi, and it doesn't fill the whole screen, it has black bars on the sides. Did you have this problem?

  2. Why don't you get a desktop?
    It will be much faster. The macbook pro is great for same day edits and on site, but nothing beats a desktop for home.

    You should custom build a hackintosh. Much better and much more affordable than an iMac/mac pro

  3. what a nice and cool video here :). thanks for that.. and how about comparing of Macbook Pro and iMac (budget is around $1500 cost) for video editing who's better, reliable, faster ..

  4. Please Kreaig Tell me why GH4 4k Footage lagggzz so hard when I edit on Adobe Premier Pro cc on my 2015 13" Macbook pro! It has the same specs as yours! Thanks

  5. Nice, I was sure to by a 15" as my next editing laptop, but now I'm thinking about the 13. I currently edit dji 4k footage on my wife's 2014 MB air with only 4 gig ram, and it's actually pretty doable, and I kind of like the 13 inch format. You have no problem driving the large monitor with your 13 inch I presume? And no, "driving the monitor" is not a euphemism…

  6. Great little video Kraig, I bought a desktop Mac last year and regret bit having the portability anymore… I like your stance on getting things for your needs rather than what might look good 🙂

  7. the problem of the mcbook pro is that if you want a quadcore and a decent gpu you have to spend too much. i think that outthere there are a lot of pc's that offers more than this , u should try and look out for: razer, msi ghost pro, origin, gigabyte and acer v15/17 nitro. they are more powerful than any macbook pro and some of them are cheaper. come on sto buying apple only'couse is good loking. remember im nit sayng they are shit or they dont work, im just saying that you can buy stuff that is a lot better,)

  8. when rendering your video, does the Mac book pro ever heat up and crash? It would be awesome if you could cover a tutorial on your transcoding workflow. Once again thanks for your advice.

  9. "That's a bullshit vanilla answer" 😂 "well it depends" seems to be the epitome of should you buy this gear reviews, but understandably so…. Oh and this was my favorite video from you to date even though I already own a 15" MBP and have no plans to buy a new one in the next year 😅 keep up the "sort of" reviews and this format 👍

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