Burn a CD or DVD using Disk Utility on a Mac

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Burn a CD or DVD using Disk Utility on a Mac


  1. Hey there Nickatec, I got a quick question, when you burn to the Superdrive, that does not mean its burning to the disc is it? That means its burning on the computers drive?

  2. Thanks for the tutorial really good but I have a question,I want to keep the dvd on my mac but when I open the folder it's apper many VOB FILES and I can open with VLC MEDIA PLAYER, How I can put all together?Thanks for your help.

  3. Can you still use it to make a copy of, say, a P90X video, which has copyright protection? I'm not selling it illegally or anything just wanting to copy it so I'll have the original set at home and a set to take to college with me so my parents can still use the original set at home.

  4. I ripped the disk onto my computer so it's like a file now. Can I use that file in disk utility to burn onto a CD. Or is disk utility not made to burn ripped files of DVDs?

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