Build a Hackintosh Mac and Install OS X in Eight Easy Steps: 2010 Edition

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  1. I have a 2012 ASUS laptop with 7 GB of Ram and an I7 processor. The original HDD failed and I removed it to have the data professionally recovered later. In the meantime I installed a 16GB SSD running Linux on it. Could I do this to my laptop using all the software steps (on a new SSD/HDD)?

  2. I wonder, with an older computer (Currently running Linux, default to Windows with 2GB RAM and 80GB HDD), can you do this without having to build a computer? And is there a way to just partition part of the hard drive to keep one of the two current OS's?

  3. This is a great video, but possibly the worst song you could ever put on a tutorial.  It's terrible I'm sorry.  I know that it's just my opinion, but nothing that this video is about, is even remotely complimented by that song. I wanted to mute it, but then I wouldn't hear what they were saying.  Horrible.

  4. This guy just happens to build a computer that's more powerful than a real Mac. You can also go for a budget hackingtosh. This will cost you much less money.

    Google "CustoMac Mini". You can buy a Hackingtosh that works well for $492 dollars

  5. when i launch it it has an error and tells me to restart my computer. Any ideas how to fix?.
    I'm using a studio xps 8000 computer with an upgraded psu of 880 W and a gtx 680 ftw 4gb with an SSD.

  6. Oh… Sorry i forgot you can't game on an Apple.

    By the way: I honestly could give two shits about what you think; you're the one paying the extra thousands of dollars in costs, not me. So have fun with that.

  7. and… where in the fuck did I say anything about a $300 PC?

    Using simple math: all the parts for the stuff I listed (which is the same as a Mac priced at $1600 and that's at the low end) You may pay at max $1000 After buying all the extra stuff needed for it.

    Nowhere did I say you could get one for $300.

    And, from what I can tell, you go out and buy computers premade.

    So, try arguing after you've built a PC and know the standard prices of parts.

    Then see how much you love apple.

  8. I don't really see any words that are above a 6th grade level in my comment other than some computer terms.
    Butthurt? Try facts. Want my sources?
    My current PC specs:
    GTX 550 TI
    1 TB harddrive
    MSI Mobo
    8 GB ram
    8 Core FX AMD processor
    550w PSU
    Some of my 80+ games that i have for my computer: (all running at 60+ FPS) Battlefield 3, borderlands 2, dishonored, Far Cry 3, Skyrim, or Civ 5
    Yea. My computers shit.

    Oh, and I'm an App developer: that's why i was looking into hackintosh.

  9. Okay. Let's look Shall we?
    Macbook pro: $1600 (one of the cheaper ones)

    Mobo: $50
    Processor & graphics card (bundled): $250
    RAM: $50
    Harddrive: $175
    Built in wifi: 30$
    PSU: $60
    Case/Misc Items: around $300 maximum

    "You pay for it to work" My PC works just fine thank you
    "look clean" Yep… clean my PC every week. Looks clean to me
    "Ecosytem" I have an eco friendly PSU; better than mac's
    "Customer service" Learn to google shit; it's free.

    You have fun paying an extra $800

  10. sup man! i am looking big time into getting a NUC for a hackintosh. but i have no clue what wifi cards are supported. because of the form factor of the NUC i would like to have a WiFi card that also has Bluetooth, and i also need 5GHz because all my big HD movies are shared with my airport extreme.
    can you help me or guide me to a good direction? i was at tonymacx86 site for hours and i could not find what i wanted.

  11. I actually release the Mac is NOT worth it. There are cheaper PC's with 100% better specs, and you can keep dismantle them and update with new technology. It also beats gaming consoles any day. Build/Buy a PC.

  12. Oh, okay. And anyways, out of all of the Macs, I think the Pro is the worst. Previous gen Xeon processors, a 2 year old graphics card which performs worse than a 7770, and SATA II only. All for beginning at $2499.00.

  13. Your comparison was objectively flawed. It has nothing to do with opinion. There is nothing subjective about stating that a £1000 iMac cannot compete, as far as hardware is concerned, with a £1000 hackintosh — the statement is either true or false. Similarly, there's nothing subjective about stating that the contents of a Mac are worth a fourth of the sales price.

    Also, "you just went full retard" != "you are a retard".

  14. So, an Intel Core i7 Quad, GTX 675M, 8GB DDR3, 750GB Fusion Drive or Dual Intel Xeons, 64GB RAM, Quad 512GB SSDs, and an ATi Radeon HD 5770 is worse? I don't think so.

  15. True. But you can still, some of his hardware is better than some that comes in an iMac (the ram for example) And you can upgrade it, or install another os later, And have the satisfaction that YOU built your mac computer.

  16. Hey! Please help me. I loaded Snow Leopard just fine, but when I run the combo update, it fails. I get to the "Writing Files" part when it says "The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail." I am clueless. Could someone please help me? Help is greatly appreciated.

  17. -_- granted. but i must say:

    You just went full retard: look at a Mac's hardware specs and what this guy used. what's inside a mac is worth less than a fourth of what they sell it for.

  18. I would agree, but buying and customizing from the Apple Store doesn't give everybody the options that they would want, depending on how they plan on using their computer.

  19. I really don't see the point in using bootcamp on a Mac that is over 2,000 dollars when you can spend 600 or less and use both and save 1,400 dollars which can be used for ultimate future proofing

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