Backup Windows Live Mail and Contacts

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How to backup your Windows Live Mail and Windows Contacts


  1. I don't expect a response, but… I just accidentally deleted one of my Widnows Live e-mail accounts — and it took everything with it. This is not totally disastrous, but it is a major inconvenience, as I had a lot of more-or-less important e-mail associated with it. More importantly, I can't receive e-mail at that address, because I'm repeatedly told my new password is wrong for the regenerated account. Naturally, the online instructions for restoring things has nothing to do with what actually appears on my machine.

  2. Hi, thanx for that but isn't there an automatic backup system that backs up every say, week/month or even as it's being used? If not there realllly should be!

  3. I was able to copy my contacts to desk top folder but was unable to open copied file because I do not have Windows Excel. I have Windows 7 operating system. Any suggestions? Ultimately want to copy contacts to external hard drive.

  4. Many many thanks, for a clear and objective presentation of something that is so valuable to each of us. And done without 'self' being the intent, what can be a bit unusual on you tube. I see there are others by you – I may become a follower. Thanks again.

  5. I had a problem with the exporting of the Mail part.  I was fine with Contacts.  However, by the time I found the Storage, copied and cancelled it closed WLM then went to run or search (I am going from 8.1 to 8.1) I got the list Microsoft windows live Mail.  Here's where it went wrong.  When I tried to open the folder, I simply got a list of text.  Not a directory.

  6. Thank you for your;'re tutorial nicely put. my only problem is that the bu files have the encoded numbers assigned to then and not the original mail topics. Do you know of any other option that would allow for having the title instead of the numbers? I know we have the option to drag and drop (this option takes too long and is not at all automated. thanks in advance

  7. Hi, Cate. I followed your instructions to the letter but when the folder was being copied over to the flash drive, a pop up appeared and stated "The file 2A682384-00000304 has properties that can't be copied top the new location.' It also stated there was 2159 similar files that contained properties that can't be copied. Can you tell me what's happening? Regards. Gary.

  8. Wow your fast with replying thank you yes so I backed up just like you said back I just wiped my computer so now I need to put it all back in but how?

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