Backup Game and APP DATA Android Tutorial! NO ROOT needed! And restore!

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  1. the only thing I don't like about helium is you need to connect it to a computer/laptop, when are they gonna actually make an app that actually backs up data without ever connecting it to another device and doesn't need any root?!?!

  2. Everywhere you read, Helium is the ULTIMATE backup solution, if you don't have root. Uh, no. Helium is a joke! Every time I try to do a backup, it freezes. Tried reinstalling and a number of other fixes, but still, it FAILS!!

  3. It didn't work! I saved the carbon file in the internal storage from my new phone, but when i go to helium and want to sync it, it tells me, that helium can not find any data
    Please help me! 🙁

  4. บ้านพ่อมึงบอกเหรอว่าไม่รุทไอ้สัด แล้วหน้าต่างที่เด้งมาเขาเรียกกระเพราไก่ไข่ดาวเหรอไอ้แม่เยด

  5. Doesnt work on android M because stupid google changed the usb debugging mode to charge and even if I change it in the developers mode, helium wont connect to my pc. This really sucks because i cant install tatanium backup due to the 504 error and I want to wipe my device so that everything works again.

  6. I tried helium but I get "An error occured while performing app
    backup. error : Desktop Backup Password.
    Please verify your Desktop Backup Password is a blank password then
    press back to return to helium.
    Strangely it works when I try to backup from the system like messaging
    storage and user dictionary

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