Backup DVR to Flash Drive then Play Back on Computer

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Spy Geeks How To Videos – Back Up video from DVR to Flash Drive. This action is used when there is an incident recorded to DVR. The copy the info to a Flash Drive playing the video back on a computer. Here are the instructions to do so. Also the Copy can be given to authorities.


  1. Don't forget the USB flash stick has to be formatted as fat32
    Unless otherwise specified.
    I may have just saved a highbrow tech some pain.
    If that's you, Your welcome and I could use a like.

  2. Really good, and useful and briefly summarized video. As I see you managed to back up your DVR to a USB flash drive only using the DVR buttons. Can I ask you is there any DVR which can't be controlled by remote control to backup security camera video to a flash drive?

  3. You can download a clip onto the USB or copy the video into a file on your computer. Once the file is downloaded on a USB it is only  a copy the main file remains on the DVR until it is over written. 

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