Backup and Restore Files on Windows 10 | Backup Automatically on Schedule

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Backup and restore files on windows 10. Tutorial shows you, how to backup Files Automatically to an External Hard Drive at a specific time using task scheduler.

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Steps to Backup and Restore on windows 10

Set up Backup:

1. Go to control panel / backup and restore windows 7 / Set up backup
2. Select where you want to save your backup (External Hard Drive, USB, or Network)
3. Check Let me Choose, Select the check box of the item that you want to include in the backup
(You can also create a restore point of your system, by checking Include a system image of drives: (C:), Windows Recovery Environment)

4. Save settings and run backup
Set up Backup automatically on schedule
1. Go to Control Panel. Administrative Tools, Task Scheduler
2. Under Task Scheduler (Local), go to Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows / WindowsBackup. Find and right click on AutomaticBackup, open properties / go to Triggers and Edit. Set up how often you want to do backup.

Restore your Files:

1. Go to control panel / backup and restore windows 7 / Select another backup to restore files from
2. Go to Browse for folders / Select your folder and click Add folder
3. Choose where do you want to restore your files and click restore

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  1. hi!. I want to ask, how can I delete my backup(E:). The reason why, because I only have 1 HDD(250gb). now my local disc (C) memory is cut in half, and now I do have the backup (E:) which is I really don't want to have. now my local disc (C)=90gb, and my backup(E)=145gb..
    please do help me.. thanks in advance..

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