Android phone contacts and Mac OS X sync

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Also Check out SyncMate – reliable tool for Mac and Android synchronization
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How to sync your android phone / devices with your mac os x address book, setup sync on your android phone.


  1. Thank you so much. I can now get rid of my over-rated iphone and buy an HTC. Now having said that, I love my iMac. It does amazing stuff, the iPhone? Not so much!

  2. Hi Great clear video! I managed to follow all your instructions step my step but I did not get a sync button on the top tool bar? is this because I am using Mountain Lion??

  3. Thank you so much for your video because this was very helpful. I have an important question for you with hopes that you can help me. I was robbed yesterday for my iphone and have a tracking system but because my phone was used on tmobile they couldn't help me. It is a factory jail broken phone from apple, is there anything you can tell me to help me other the the fact that I locked and wiped it out. Please f you can help me let me know asap?

  4. hey nice vid. I have a problem though. I did all the steps but when it came to me syncing the contacts using the "sync now" button, the icon rotates for like 5 seconds and then does nothing. It also doesn't update my contacts when i check on google contacts online :S help?

  5. Somethings not right when I try this so Im afraid to do it.. I get a 'warning' that it will change 25% of my computer contacts…but that is impossible because just a couple days ago I exported my mac address book to Gmail. I clicked on 'details' and its showing the same exact contact information for everything its claiming it will change so now Im really worried. I think I need to just get an iPhone. Trying to sync Android with macs is causing me lots of stress – and not working right

  6. Someone told me to export my contacts to Gmail which seems to be similar but a more complicated step. if I do your step of synchronizing with Google from the Accounts tab, will it duplicate entries or is there a way to prevent that? Don't want 2 copies of everything. Also to sync on the phone, do you need to have a data connection or wifi – I don't know what Im doing wrong but sometimes it syncs and sometimes it doesnt. I need a way to sync ical with Android and keep my ical colored calendars

  7. @geekyranjit its 10.5.8. i san see "synchronise with exchange, yahoo and mobileme". nothing else. do i have to activate the mail application or anything like that to get this working?

  8. How do you get rid of the sync icon at the top of the screen? I have switched back to my iphone and no longer use this sync feature but can't get it to go away.

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