Ace S5830i – Restore Original samsung Firmware / How to use splitfus? / Unbrick Samsung

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# Plz corrrect # splitfus2.exe -w2 *.tar.md5 instead of _w2

Tutorial on flashing original Samsung firmware on Ace 5830i –
Files –

Odin flash tutorial –


  1. Pls Mr. Ampritpal I hv issue with my gt-s5830i. I installed flashed it with firmware for gt-s5360. I tried your solution on d video, got it every step of d way but when I want to flash it as u described in video after i hit start on odin v1.84. the program is stuck on this msg:
    <ID:0/004> Added!!
    <OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
    <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    <OSM> Please wait..
    <OSM> PDA_S5830i_ZPLL3.tar.md5 is valid.
    <OSM> MODEM_S5830i_ZCLL2.tar.md5 is valid.
    <OSM> CSC_S5830i_CHNLL6.tar.md5 is valid.
    <OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    <OSM> Leave CS..
    <ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    <ID:0/004> File analysis..
    <ID:0/004> SetupConnection..
    and refused to go further. Pls I need your assistance plzzzzzz!!!

  2. sir i have galaxy ace 5830i ,i want to restore to its original rom 2.3.6 …i have 4.1.1 now jelly blast v3.0.3 problem in jellyblast is my headset is not working thats why i want to bring  back my original rom …..please help me please sir

  3. Hiii this is Akhil Duvvuru, I have tried to root my Galaxy Ace S5830i. Rooting process done successfully. After that when i switch on my mobile its not getting on. Screen is getting stick as Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. 
    What to do now..??

  4. Can you help me? I already installed cygwin and splitfus but when i write the commands into cygwin terminal nothing happens; I write splitfus2.exe, hit enter and nothing happens, it's like I'm not writing anything. Same happens when I write the complete command (splitfus2.exe -w2 *.tar.md5); i hit enter and nothing happens…

  5. sir..i have root my phone (ace 5830i) and install link to sd app. Unfortunately i root again and istall the link to sd again. It made my phone loses the play store app. Can this problem be fix?? How can i install app if i dont have play store? please help…

  6. splitfus2.exe does not work at me. when I enter the command "splitfus2.exe -w2 *.tar.md5" and hit ENTER… nothing happens. I followed all your steps. What do I do wrong?

  7. sir!
    I was using gingerbread 2.3.4 and subsequently using my mobile as hotspot for internet on my laptop.
    one day i upgraded the software to gingerbread 2.3.6 and the hotspot internet facility on laptop through mobile suddenly stopped.
    on browsing the internet i found that there is some problem with 2.3.6 in using mobile as hotspot on laptop.
    now i think i should revet back to 2.3.4.
    please guide me step by step. i am new in this field
    my email id is

  8. *********** ANYONE TRYING TO GET "SplitFUS2" from the Link will notice its dead! (It would of been working when our friend "Amiritpal" posted this video)  here is a working link! & a "HUGE" THANKYOU To Amiritpal!! all the way from England!! You are a star thank you for all your time and explanations!! Here is the Link just click on the SMALL DOWNLOAD icon just above the GREEN ARROW!:

  9. sirdar ji there is a problam with me after upgrade 2.3.6 to  4.1.1 now jelly blast nowv3.0.3 my hand free not working and i want to go back 2.3.6 but my GT Ace s5830i not going on downloading mood only going recovery mood help me how can i restore my phone watung for ur nice reply

  10. While flashing the phone via Odin, message displayed is "Cant open the serial port". And Flashing fails… Plz help.   I have done flashing befor, but I dont know y i m getting this error

  11. Hi!
    I followed this tutorial to restore my original firmware FROM jellyblast v3 (because it said data network mode deactivated.) but if i push vol.up+vol.down+power only a blank screen appears. When i plug in in normal mode odin recognize my phone and i can start flashing, but it stucks at SetupConnection forever. What can i do now?

  12. i wanted to restore my galaxy ace s5830i original firmware……..
    but while using check fus downloader……as you recommended in your video……..
    when i click "check firmware" it showed me that "Product Code: GT-S5830OKAINS.
    No firmware info retrieved for given data.
    can you please tell me any solution for this……….plzzzzzz……

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