8 Easy Ways to Speed up your Mac

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In this video i show you 8 easy ways to speed up your mac.

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  1. yea, I was meaning to ask you the deal with the solid state drive. Does that take the place of the existing hard drive? And what are the benefits? Even faster? Or do you pull out the disk drive and put it it that space and keep the original hardrive too?

  2. Ha brotha, I wanted to say thanks for the tips I installed my new 16gb of ram today and I am LOVING it. Your video was the push I needed to get some more memory for my Macbook and it was one of the best Christmas presents I ever bought myself.HaHa! And the defrag alone helped noticeably right away before I added the memory. Great tips,they work like nobody's business.LOL! Hope you have a happy new year! And keep the videos commin

  3. Really! thats good news to hear about the warranty thing. I have a MBP that is about 2 years old now and I have had to have Tech support walk me through some steps 2 or three times over the last 10 months when it got bogged down BAD on the internet. I dont do video but I do a lot of picture editing and I have a lot of pictures on the MBP that I dont really need necessarily but I just dont want to trash them I do have a back up hard drive though so it might be a good option. Like you said

  4. Thanks for the tips man,mine has slowed down some since I bought it and its frustrating as hell so I am definitely going to do the things you recommended. I hope it helps. I want to add some memory but I have a 2 year warrant (that I have not needed Yet) so Im afraid if I put memory in it will void my warranty (any thoughts?) Be cool brotha

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