2011 Macbook Pro 15″ A1286 CPU Heat Sink Replacement

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Macbook Pro 15” 2011 (A1286) video series:

Remove bottom case (recurring for all videos)

1. Replace Battery P/N: A1382, A1286
2. Replace/Upgrade Random Access Memory (RAM) P/N: PC3-10600 2GB, 4GB, 8GB (16GB MAX)(Workaround: Any 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM as long as 1 old module is left in one of the banks)
3. Replace Hard Disk Drive P/N: Any compatible SATA 2.5” Drive
4. Replace DVD Super Drive P/N: 661-5147, 661-5467, 661-5842 or comparable
5. Replace Trackpad P/N: 922-9008, 922-9035, 922-9306
6. Replace Screen Display Assembly P/N: 661-5847
7. Replace WiFi/Bluetooth AirPort Card P/N: 661-5867, 661-6510
8. Replace Fans P/N: 661-4952, 922-8703, 661-4951, 922-8702
9. Replace Logic Board P/N: 661-5850, 661-6080
10. Replace CPU Heat Sink P/N: 922-9753
11. Replace Speakers P/N: 922-9308, 922-9747
12. Replace Microphone P/N: 922-9031, 922-9748
13. Replace Power Connector/DC-in-Board P/N: 661-5217, 661-5235, 922-9307
14. Replace Keyboard P/N: Any A1286 Keyboard 2011
15. Replace WiFi/Bluetooth Cable P/N: 922-9750

Reinstall bottom case (recurring for all videos)


  1. Hi, I followed all your instruction.after done the paste my MacBook Pro late 2011 was worked for few hours.now it's completely dead(white screen) and the logic board getting extremely hot when boots.i have no idea what's going with my mac.please help…thanks

  2. You forgot to reconnect the microphone cable to the motherboard at 5:17 which is on the same side as the CPU/GPU heat sink. It's fairly tedious to reconnect due to orientation.

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